Turnover & Retention – hang on to your superstars

Finding top performers is one thing.  Keeping them is another. Especially in times of candidate shortage, employers need to reduce the costly disruption of turnover and retain the best people who can help the business thrive.  Understanding personality is the key to identifying the right person for the right job, so they stay and thrive.

  • Save money by lowering your turnover rate.  The cost of turnover can range from 25% to 200% of annual compensation.
  • Save time.  Hiring managers know the pain of wasting time and energy selecting, onboarding and training… and then watching someone walk out the door.
  • Build a stable culture where employees are engaged and eager to grow within your organization, helping you to develop the mentors and leaders you need.


  • Hiring the right person starts with knowing what traits lead to success in a certain job.  Our easy-to-interpret reports prompt employers with personalized interview questions to probe into areas of concern and make better hiring decisions.
  • Know what “good” looks like with our benchmark library.  Our research shows that hiring to an ideal profile results in employees staying in the job 40% longer.
  • Coach, motivate and manage employees more effectively by adapting to each person’s needs and using the coaching tips included in each report.
  • Identify leadership potential for succession planning and promotions to keep employees challenged and engaged.  Job fit boosts job satisfaction, and satisfied employees are less likely leave you.



“Poor quality in our assessment and selection process had cost us in excess of $500,000 over 2 years. In contrast, we now use these tools from the time we start planning to hire new people. Since we started to do things ‘the right way the first time,’ we have avoided hiring mistakes and the productivity of the teams has improved beyond our expectations.”
– President, Manufacturing