TalentClick’s Process:
Hire, Train, Retain

At TalentClick Workforce Technologies, we pride ourselves on easy-to-use, easy-to-interpret solutions to hire, train, develop, and retain a top-performing workforce.



Hire Better Performing Employees with TalentClick

We help organizations hire the right candidate with the best fit for the job:

  • Pre-hire employee assessments, reference check solutions, and skills tests that are easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret
  • Employee Behavioral Assessments that assess workstyle, work values, and behavioral safety risk
  • Skills Tests assess cognitive ability, English ability, and business reasoning ability
  • Job Benchmark Library provides ‘ideal profiles’ for job types to compare applicant profiles with an at-a-glance Fit Score
  • Leadership Profile and competency assessments for an organization’s leaders


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Train & Develop your workforce for happier, safer, more productive teams

Our solutions help organizations train and develop employees for greater engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction with:

  • Personalized self-coaching tips in employee assessment Participant Reports
  • Manager tips to offer personalized feedback to employees based on personality and behavioral insights
  • Self-Awareness eLearning for increased safety self-awareness on the job
  • Leadership identification of high-potential employees
  • Coaching insights to help your leaders be more effective with their teams




Retain top-performing employees and maximize employee engagement

We help organizations increase employee retention and reduce turnover with workforce insights, such as:

  • Provide a platform for employees to feel heard
  • Employee Engagement Survey provides a look into how engaged your workforce is with action tips on where to start increasing engagement!
  • Understand the perceptions and sentiments about an employee from all angles with a 360 Degree Review
  • The Safety Culture Survey assesses safety at an organizational level and is a powerful tool to challenge safety assumptions by measuring attitudes, sentiments, and commitment to safety at all levels of the organization
  • Promote a culture that allows employees to offer feedback


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Try TalentClick for Free

Get started with TalentClick and try our unlimited-use standard subscription for free for 7 days. Start hiring and developing top performers with easy-to-action behavioral insights stored in one secure location. Start your trial today!

  • Make Smarter Decisions with advanced reporting and actionable insights
  • Better Value! Try our assessments on both existing employees and applicants
  • Easy-to-Action Reports showcase Fit Score to position
  • Scientifically Validated for employee-related decisions

Frequently Asked Questions about TalentClick Solutions

TalentClick’s FAQs provide great insight into all you need to know about our employee assessments, skills tests, and organizational surveys.

Click here for our complete FAQs

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TalentClick serves a wide variety of industries including Transportation, Manufacturing, Insurance, Financial, Natural Resources, Retail, Healthcare, and more! You can view a full list of our industries here. View our industry pages to learn more about how we serve each of our industry clients.

Our affordable subscriptions will help save you time and money for future training and onboarding by decreasing employee turnover and finding top-performers who will thrive in their role.

TalentClick offers unlimited pricing subscriptions so you can assess all your employees and applicants. Our pricing is based on your company size. You can view our different pricing options and get an instant quote here.

All TalentClick assessments are normative, which is the gold standard for use in employee selection. With normative assessments, the data for individuals is analyzed (scored) against the appropriate normative group, whereas ipsative assessments analyze the strength of orientations within a person (i.e. the test-taker), not compared to others.

Normative scoring is a requirement for a tool to be legally defensible for employment-related decisions and thus suitable for hiring. This is in contrast to ipsative assessments (e.g., Myers Briggs, DiSC, StrengthsFinder and others), which are most suitable for self-development or team-building exercises.

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Getting started with TalentClick is easy! First, consider your organization’s goals and which solutions best suit your needs (and remember, we’re here to help!).  Next, get an instant quote and take a look at our pricing page to find out what type of subscription is best suited for you and your organization. You can even get started right away with a free 7 day trial. If you are ready to start your subscription, email us at info@talentclick.com or call us at +1 (877) 723-3778. A member of the TalentClick team will get back to you within one business day!

TalentClick’s behavioral assessments capture the personal characteristics of individuals that predict on-the-job behavior, including personality traits, values and attitudes, cognitive abilities, and more. These characteristics or ‘default settings’ reliably predict how someone will handle role requirements, interact with others, and fit the work environment, as well as the risky or problematic behaviors that they are more likely to engage in.

For a look at what each assessment measures, see more details here.