Top 5 Reasons to Choose TalentClick

Here’s what makes us different from the rest.


1. Affordable “Unlimited Use” Subscriptions

It’s time to save you some money. Our competitors are still charging up to $300 per person, which prevents most companies from conducting high-volume assessments. Some vendors also charge a fee per report, while we, like Netflix, bundle all our products for one low price. Our subscriptions are so affordable you can test as many job applicants and current employees as you want, and the price won’t change. Go ahead, test everyone!

  • Recent advances in technology means you get easy-to-use, world-class assessments at a more affordable price.
  • No need to count credits and wonder if you should–or shouldn’t–assess someone.
  • Get multiple reports on each person, without paying more.
  • Fixed annual fee means cost certainty for budgeting.
  • Reduce bias. Testing earlier in the screening process helps you make better decisions about whom to interview.
  • Our screening intelligence can often take the place of one or two recruiters.

2. Focus on Front-Line Workers

Do you have a high number of employees in front-line positions?

  • Get predictive data on ALL your front-line workers and job applicants, instead of assessing only new hires at intermediate and senior levels due to cost restraints.
  • Use over 100 different benchmarks (some call them ‘performance models’) to predict top-performers and desirable behaviors in front-line positions in all types of industries. When these ‘ideal-score ranges’ are overlaid atop an applicant’s assessment results, it gives your recruiters and hiring managers a quick snapshot on “fit” to the position, something that’s important when handling high volumes of applicants on the front lines of your organization.

3. Insights for Employee Development

Are you looking for ways to increase employee engagement, enhance your culture, and empower your people?

  • Employer reports provide your supervisors with valuable advice on how to understand, coach, and communicate with each team member based on that person’s unique personality and workstyle (as opposed to using a one-size-fits-all management style).
  • Along with Employer reports, we provide Participant reports (at no extra cost) for your employees, as part of your broader training and development program. Participant reports empower your workers with self-awareness, and the self-coaching tips lead to employees monitoring their own impulses and modifying their own actions.
  • Participant reports are personalized. Employees like the non-threatening, easy-to-read results that highlight their strengths but also tactfully suggest areas for improvement.

4. Predictive Data on Risk

Wouldn’t you like to predict who has a higher probability of positive and negative behaviors BEFORE you hire them? Most companies have done a great job of getting the right equipment and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place, and yet still, around 90% of workplace incidents are caused by improper human behaviors. We can help.

Get predictive data on which job applicants are higher risk and decrease the following negative outcomes in your workplace:

  • Bad Attitude
  • Absenteeism
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Violence
  • Harassment
  • Injuries
  • Property Damage
  • Work Stoppages / Production Shutdowns

5. Personalized & Customizable

In life these days, everything seems to be getting personalized according to our unique profiles and preferences. We think that’s a good thing. Because we are the creators – not resellers – of our products, we can be quite flexible in what we offer you:

  • Add your logo, colors, or other language.
  • Set benchmark ranges for top performers that are unique to YOUR organization.
  • Customize reports to reflect your own industry, job types, and corporate values.
  • Get behavioral interview questions tailored to each applicant’s results. This makes for more powerful interviews and reference checks.
  • Get tailored performance-management tips for how the new employee’s supervisor can best lead and communicate with each and every unique team member.