Predict Safety Risk in Natural Resources

TalentClick helps you hire and develop top-performing workers and supervisors with behavioral assessments focusing on predicting Strengths AND Risks to prevent incidents related to Human Error across many Natural Resources organizations, including Forestry, Mining, & Oil & Gas.

The top 3 challenges we help Natural Resources organizations solve:

  • Hiring and Retaining the right workers by helping you screen in more high potential workers during a candidate shortage.
  • Ensuring the safety of workers by predicting risk-related behaviors that could lead to increased job site risk and incidents. 90% of incidents are related to human error.
  • Combating the challenging economic environment by hiring and developing more efficient teams to remain productive and competitive.
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How We Help: Predictive Analytics

TalentClick behavioral testing provides insight into a worker’s default personality traits and how those traits impact their safety risk and on-the-job behaviors for frontline and supervisory positions. All our assessment reports provide personalized interview questions, manager tips, and job fit considerations relevant to the candidate’s strengths and risks to help them perform better at work.

Screen in more candidates by determining their risk tolerance and fit to both the job and the culture of your organization.

Free AVP Trial with Laborer Benchmark

“We have been extremely pleased with the Safety Quotient assessment. It’s quick and easy to use, but most importantly, it works. Our injury rate has dropped 80% over the past two years, and that is in part due to the SQ and the business intelligence and decision support that the reports give us. I’d recommend it for any progressive leader looking for gains in their safety program.”

– President, International Group –

Increased Safety Self-Awareness and Employee Engagement in Renewable Energy Company

Valero participated in Safety Self-Awareness training and used the Safety Quotient (SQ) assessment to provide insight to their workers. They found the following improvements after the training:

  • Reduction in spills, product losses, and quality issues
  • Prevention of workplace incidents
  • 82% of participants engaged and found the training effective
  • Visible improvement of safety behavior in the workforce!

See how Valero created safer work environments by reading the full story:

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