Hire & Develop Top Talent for Financial Insitutions with Behavioral Assessments

The top 3 challenges we help financial institutions solve:

  • Succession planning with leadership identification
  • High turnover to decrease employee churn and retain talent
  • Creating an attractive values-based culture to foster a sense of belonging for employees and customers
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How We Help: Predictive Analytics

TalentClick behavioral testing helps you quickly identify your shining stars. With insight into a person’s default personality traits, you can easily see how those traits may impact their on-the-job behavior and fit to your unique culture. All our assessment reports provide personalized interview questions, manager tips, and job fit considerations relevant to the candidate’s strengths and risks to help you set your people up for success.
Screen-in more candidates by determining who is a high potential fit, and who may have been overlooked in the past.TalentClick behavioral assessments for financial institutions help you narrow down your candidate pool and quickly match the right applicant to the right role.

Free AVP Trial for Financial Institutions

“The purpose was to enhance our hiring needs based on the assessment insights for both strengths and challenges as it relates to workstyle. It’s been a helpful tool for assessing personalities for possible job fit, cultural fit with the detailed results provided in the AVP Report (Attitude-Values-Personality). Our managers utilize it for hiring, training, and coaching. It’s a great tool for any employer looking to strengthen their employee assessment needs.”

– VP Human Resources – Credit Union –

Reduce Employee Turnover by 20%

Our reports have helped organizations identify and hire insurance personnel, resulting in:

  • Decreased Employee Turnover by 20%
  • Increased Insurance Sales by 5%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction scores by 14%

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