1. Benchmark – Profile Top Performers

Do you know who the top performers are in your organization? Most companies do. They are the ones who always complete a task at a quicker pace, generate the most sales, or know exactly what your company needs, perhaps before you do.

Benchmarks are “ideal score” target ranges to help you know what good fit looks like. They’re used to highlight the key strengths and personality traits needed to be a top performer in a specific role in YOUR work environment. Benchmarking reduces the disruption of costly turnover so you can focus on hiring and developing more stars, saving you time, money and stress.

Benchmarking an ideal profile helps you make better decisions when hiring and developing employees. In fact, our research shows that hiring employees that fit an ideal profile stayed in the job 40% longer.

How we do it:

  • We lean on our deep expertise to start you with industry benchmarks
  • We survey your top performers and job experts to find out exactly what traits predict success
  • We fine-tune and customize benchmarks for your role, your culture.
  • We teach you how to use our self-serve benchmarking library, putting our powerful proprietary tool in your hands.


Benchmarking allows for your organization to hire and develop people according to your personalized, unique definition of success, resulting in risk reduction, higher employee retention, and a stronger organizational culture.

2. Test – 10-15 Minutes

We make testing quick, effective and easy. From our cloud-based portal, in just a few clicks you can send an employee or applicant a simple link to start the assessment survey. From any device (mobile, tablet or desktop), all that’s needed is a quiet space and internet access for testing to be completed.

How it works:

  • Participants can choose to complete the survey in English, or in over other 20 languages (basic reading level).
  • Participants are encouraged to answer from a workplace perspective and to answer with their initial reaction to each question in order to avoid any biases.
  • Each assessment asks a variety of questions, and for each question participants choose one response on a sliding scale from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree”.
  • From one survey completion, we generate multiple reports for both Employers and Participants.

The assessments take very little time, starting from 10-15 minutes for our core AVP bundle that generates multiple insights: Workstyle, Safety, Driver Safety and Work Values assessments. Cognitive Quotient or English Proficiency take up to 25-30 minutes, however, there is no time limit. Our Leadership Profile for senior and executive level takes 45-60 minutes for a robust, three section report.

Once the assessment is completed by the participant and submitted online, reports are automatically generated, usually within the hour. You can personalize your preferences to receive the report directly to your inbox or by accessing our cloud-based portal. If you like, you can also choose to have participants receive a comprehensive report of their own results to use as a personalized self-coaching report.

3. Analyze – Review Reports & Data Insights

Every day, we hear that our reports are easy to read and easy to action, giving customers like you better workforce analytics to build better teams. Analyze applicant scores against benchmarks to shortlist who to interview, or dig into our powerful self-serve team and group analytics, available to you on our cloud-based portal, 24/7.

  • Analytics on teams, divisions, locations, job categories, more
  • Strengths and risks at a glance
  • Identify patterns and trends
  • Self-serve decision support
  • The insights you need for better business intelligence

Review and analyze individual reports to hire and develop top performing employees:

  • Identify strengths and potential
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Select personalized interview questions and areas to probe

Take it to the next level by analyzing group results to build stronger, safer teams :

  • Identify potential leaders
  • Spot potential areas of conflict
  • Understand why one team or site is thriving while another is struggling
  • Build historical business intelligence through better workforce analytics

4. Hire – Personalized Interview Questions for Better Hiring

When hiring, you may have multiple candidates who seem like they would fit work well with your organization, so how do you further differentiate between them to be sure you pick the right one? Or maybe you’re in a talent shortage and you need to identify candidates with the highest potential to groom for the role. Who is your best bet?

We all want to hire more top performers, and TalentClick helps you do just that. Hire based upon the assessment data and tailored interview questions to avoid hiring biases and ensure your chosen candidate will perform well in both the short and long term.

Conduct better interviews with interview questions tailored to the unique results of each person’s assessment.

Assessment results can help narrow down a candidate pool before the interview process, so only those candidates whose results match the pre-determined benchmarks are invited to an interview.

Based on individual responses in the assessment, we create personalized interview questions to ask each candidate. Therefore, you know that the questions you are asking will be effective in uncovering the most information you can about each candidate before you make your final decision.


“One of the top benefits of using TalentClick over the past 4 years is that my hiring managers have more confidence in their interview skills. They know what questions to ask to dig into potential blind spots.”


5. Develop – Coaching Tips to Develop Employees and Teams

Get the most from your team. Develop your employees throughout the employee life-cycle to maintain constant growth, coach them to reach their full potential, and develop your next generation of leaders.


  • Coaching tips for performance and communication
  • Strengths and gaps to watch for
  • Potential areas of concern
  • Personalized tips for engagement and retention

When it comes to the full employee life cycle, are you looking for ways to increase employee engagement and enhance your culture?

  • Along with Employer reports, we provide Participant reports (at no extra cost) for your new employee, as part of your broader training and development program.
  • Participant reports are personalized for self-awareness and self-coaching. Employees like the non-threatening, easy-to-read results that highlight their strengths but also tactfully suggest areas for improvement.

TalentClick’s development insights enable you to reach for success, long after the hiring process is complete. Use the valuable insights to personalize many stages of your workflow:

  • Reference Checks
  • Onboarding
  • Coaching, training and development
  • Performance conversations
  • Succession planning and promotion decisions
  • Restructuring and role re-allocations
  • Retention and motivation