Take TalentClick’s 3-Hour eLearning course and get certified as a TalentClick Assessor.

TalentClick’s certification eLearning course gives you the knowledge, confidence, and credentials to become recognized as a Certified TalentClick Assessor (CTA). For HR Leaders, in-house assessment champions, hiring managers and TalentClick assessment partners, our approved curriculum sets you up for success to confidently use behavioral assessments and psychometric tools for hiring and developing your workforce.

Value: $250 per person. May be waived for current clients.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand psychometrics and talent assessments
  • Learn the benefits & strengths of using TalentClick tools
  • Discover the key personality characteristics to consider for different roles & teams 
  • Learn how to use assessments to determine ‘fit’ during the hiring process 
  • Master how to use assessments to develop employees, teams & organizations

This 3-hour eLearning training certifies participants for interpreting and using specialized psychometric assessments for hiring and developing top-performing employees. The training course covers the following topics to empower people with practical skills and knowledge to hire and train top-performing, long-term employees.

How to Use Psychometric Assessments for Hiring Top Performers Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Personality Assessments
  • Overview of TalentClick Products and Dimensions
  • Implementing Assessments through 5 easy steps
  • Certification Test
  • Receive Certificate!