Leadership Identification – spot & support your rising stars

How do you measure potential? How do you retain your leaders of today AND engage leaders of tomorrow so they grow within your organization? We have the leadership identification tools and insights you’re looking for.

  • Building a team with strong core leadership capabilities is important at all levels throughout the organization – from Team Leads to C-suite.
  • Whether leading projects, processes or people, leadership style is predictable – and choosing people with best-fit personality traits can make or break your culture and profitability.
  • Boost engagement and retention by placing – and keeping – the right people at the helm.


  • Leadership is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Depending on your business and your team’s needs, you deserve the leader that fits you best. We look at dimensions like Dominance and Achievement Focus, Business Reasoning, Conflict Management, Open Communication as well as Leadership in the world of safety.
  • Reports include personalized interview and development questions to help you probe and coach an individual’s areas of strength AND areas of potential concern.
  • Better insights help you make better decisions. We recommend you weigh assessment scores as one piece of your hiring, along with experience, reference and background checks and interview impressions.
  • Look beyond Person-Job-Fit to Person-Organization-Fit. Identify leaders with the Work Values and Attitudes that fit your culture and can build strong teams that thrive.



“Before purchasing the product and/or encouraging my clients to purchase the product, I did the Leadership Profile myself to verify the results and I found it to be a very accurate description of my own strengths and areas for improvement. I appreciate the quick turnaround in receiving the results once a candidate has written the assessment and my clients have commented that the suggested interview questions included with the results have been very valuable.”

– Senior Search Consultant