Leadership Assessments

Hire and develop strong leaders, improve productivity, team harmony, and organizational growth. Identify leadership potential by assessing crucial leadership competencies, problem-solving abilities, and behavioral traits.

Leadership Profile (LP)

The Leadership Profile (LP) helps inform hiring and development of your organization’s most valuable resource – its leaders. Investing in personalized leadership programs for your high potential people can lead to increased retention, productivity, engagement, and more.

Coaching & Leadership Assessment

Business Reasoning

Business Reasoning (BR) is a skills assessment that measures advanced language/verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and problem solving capabilities. BR helps employers make stronger hiring and development decisions while increasing job fit for leadership and complex roles. Note: Business Reasoning (BR) is included in the Leadership Profile (LP).

360 Degree Review

The 360 Degree Review (360) is a professional feedback process where an employee receives confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. Assessments are typically completed by the employee’s manager, peers & direct reports, as well as by the employee.

Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L)

The Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L) behavioral risk assessment is designed for developing safety leaders, managers, and supervisors who oversee workers in safety-sensitive roles, to make them safer, more self-aware and effective on the job.