How we help Government organizations build great teams and keep data secure

Predict on-the-job behavior with personality and skills assessments to understand your workforce strengths and areas for development. TalentClick helps Government organizations and Crown Corporations hire, train and retain the right people. Our products are easy to use, available in multiple languages, and you can choose to securely store your data in the USA or Canada to meet all your privacy needs.

The top challenges TalentClick helps Government organizations solve:

  • Improve Quality of Hire to reduce employee turnover
  • Enhance employee development, retention, and leadership identification
  • Save time reviewing applicants by quickly predicting fit, resilience, and tenure
  • Save money with affordable unlimited-use subscriptions, providing cost certainty (no more counting credits)
  • Increase diversity and reduce bias with objective, validated tools to easily test all applicants early in the process

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How We Help: Predictive Analytics

TalentClick’s behavioral assessments provide insight into a person’s default personality traits and how those traits impact their on-the-job behavior. Our Cognitive skills testing measures verbal, numerical, and problem-solving abilities. All our assessment reports include:

  • Personalized interview questions to dig deeper into how an individual’s behavior impacts their work
  • Manager tips to help with employee development
  • Job fit considerations relevant to an individual’s strengths and risks to help them perform better at work

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employer personality assessment 911 dispatcher

“Our organization has been using TalentClick. The purpose was to enhance our hiring needs based on the assessment insights for both strengths and challenges as it relates to workstyle. It’s been a helpful tool on assessing personalities for possible job fit, cultural fit with the detailed results provided in the AVP Report (Attitudes, Values, Personality). Our managers utilize it for hiring, training and coaching. It’s a great tool for any employer looking to strengthen their employee assessment needs.”

– VP of Human Resources –

Data Analysis Predicts Top Traits for Emergency 911 Operators

TalentClick assessed data of Emergency 911 Operators to analyze which traits best predict success for training, attendance and long tenure on the job. The results? 8 out of the 9 top predictors are behavioral traits which highlights that personality cannot be overlooked when hiring and developing resilient, effective Emergency Communicators.
Top Predictors Include:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Responsibility
  • Regimented
  • Open Communication

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