Identify Top Sales Employees to Grow Revenue & Reduce Turnover

Top 3 challenges we help organizations solve by assessing top sales talent:

  • Reduce Turnover by identifying top performing sales people who are also a good fit for your organization
  • Grow revenue and build client relationships with top sales talent
  • Determine if a candidate’s values align with your team and culture
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How We Help: Predictive Analytics

As a sales manager, have you ever hired someone who you thought was going to be a great sales rep, only to find out that person isn’t hitting their outbound-calling metrics? It’s not that they can’t make cold calls; it’s that they won’t.

The reason is simple: a sales ‘hunter’ is quite different than a ‘farmer’. Sales hunters are naturally hard-wired to be more direct and achievement-oriented, and they can handle rejection quite comfortably. On the other hand, sales ‘farmers’ — who are excellent at account management — are more inclined to be social, empathetic, and collaborative, and when they get rejected, well…call reluctance starts to kick in.

There is no right or wrong personality; these are just very different profiles who fit with very different roles.

Free AVP Trial for Sales

“It’s been a helpful tool for assessing personalities for possible job fit, cultural fit with the detailed results provided in the AVP Report (Attitudes, Values, Personality). Our managers utilize it for hiring, training and coaching. It’s a great tool for any employer looking to strengthen their employee assessment needs.”

– VP Human Resources –

20% Reduction in Employee Turnover

Our reports helped State Farm identify and hire insurance sales and service personnel who:

  • Decreased Employee Turnover by 20%
  • Increased Insurance Sales by 5%
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction scores by 14%

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