Safety Solutions

Reduce workplace safety incidents by 20% by assessing behavioral safety risk tolerance. Reports and training solutions provide personalized, scalable and actionable insights to build safer work environments.

Safety Quotient (SQ)

The Safety Quotient (SQ) is an innovative behavioral risk assessment that measures 6 unique personality traits directly connected to risk tolerance and unsafe behaviors. Most companies using Safety Quotient™ reduce workplace incidents by more than 20%.

Safety Quotient™

Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ)

The Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ) helps organizations affordably hire and train safer drivers. The DSQ helps predict who is a high-risk driver before they are hired. Use with effective Driver Safety Self-Awareness training to train all drivers to be safer on the road.

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Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L)

The Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L) behavioral risk assessment is designed for developing safety leaders, managers, and supervisors who oversee workers in safety-sensitive roles, to make them safer, more self-aware and effective on the job.

Safety Self-Awareness (SSA) Training

The Safety Self-Awareness (SSA) and Driver Safety Self-Awareness (DSSA) training programs provide personalized, self-guided courses to educate participants on how personality contributes to safety risk on the job. Two course levels for frontline workers and safety managers help reduce incidents by 30%.

Safety Culture Survey

The Safety Culture Survey (SC) assesses safety at an organizational level. The Safety Culture Survey is a powerful way to challenge safety assumptions by measuring actual attitudes, sentiments, and commitment to safety at all levels of the organization.