FAQ Category: 01. General TalentClick Questions

Who are your founders?

Our co-founders, Greg Ford (Master of Education, Workplace Learning) and Stephen Race (Master of Science in Occupational Psychology) have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. They […]

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Do assessments work?

Yes. In general, high-quality personality assessments are considered to be very accurate in predicting behaviors, and our tools align with that figure. Our case studies and customer references demonstrate significant […]

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What do TalentClick assessments measure?

TalentClick’s behavioral assessments capture the personal characteristics of individuals that predict on-the-job behavior, including personality traits, values and attitudes, cognitive abilities, and more. These characteristics or ‘default settings’ reliably predict […]

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Who is TalentClick?

TalentClick Inc. is a world leader in behavioral assessments for hiring and developing top-performing workers by identifying the strengths and risks predictive of on-the-job behavior. We’re the renowned experts who […]

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