Our Core Bundle: Identify Top Performers with Personality Insights

The AVP (Attitude-Values-Personality) is our core assessment solution package. We’ve bundled our 4 most popular behavioral assessments into one 10-15 minute survey:

Employer and Participant Reports are included.

The AVP solution helps to identify the personality traits, soft skills and “default settings” which are correlated with successful workplace performance.


Predict Strengths & Risks of Worker On-The-Job Behavior

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  • Actionable Insights

    TalentClick's Attitude, Values, Personality profile provides easy-to-interpret insights and support for hiring and developing top performers

  • Quickly Assess Job Fit

    Color-coded Fit Scores offer a quick look into how well-suited a candidate is to the role

  • Top Performer Benchmarks

    Compare a participant's personality traits to top performer data for the job. See where their strengths align with the role, and where there may be potential risks

  • Behavioral Interview Questions

    Suggested questions help you to probe deeper into a candidate's personality traits and how they may fit the job

  • Personalized Management Considerations

    Train and develop your workers by using personality insights to get the best performance from a worker, and mitigate possible risks on a personal level


How TalentClick Measures Attitude, Values, and Personality


Invite Applicants

From the TalentClick Portal, auto-send or manually send the assessment link to each applicant or employee. It's easy to bulk import addresses OR post a link on Job Portals or your Careers page.


Participants Complete Assessment

  • 10-15 minutes online
  • Over 25 languages available
  • Basic reading level
  • Non-invasive
  • No adverse impact


Get Results!

Reports are automatically stored in your account on our cloud-based platform. Reports can also be emailed directly to your inbox. Or integrate with your ATS or HRIS like SAP, Taleo and Workday.


Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP) Sample Reports

AVP Combo Employer Report

Provides the Employer with suggested interview questions and personalized coaching recommendations

AVP Interview Employer Report

Short Employer report with behavioral interview questions to probe deeper into job fit

AVP Combo Participant Report

Provides the Participant with self-coaching and self-awareness tips for development