Assess Safety & Risk-taking Behaviors in your Workforce

90% of all safety incidents in the workplace are caused by Human Error.

Through a 7-minute online assessment, Safety Quotient (SQ) measures participants’ personality risk factors to predict which of your frontline employees are high-risk. Years of research into workplace safety have uncovered 6 personality traits that are directly correlated to employee safety:

  • Resistant vs. Accommodating
  • Anxious vs. Calm
  • Impatient vs. Patient
  • Distractible vs. Focused
  • Impulsive vs. Cautious
  • Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive

The SQ generates a detailed 3-part report outlining strategies to improve employee Safety Self-Awareness and allow managers to predict preventable incidents through personalized training and coaching, reducing incident rates by 25%.


The Benefits of Using the SQ

Take 7 minutes and try the SQ today! (Receive the Employer, Participant, and Safety Leader Reports from one survey)

Try the SQ
  • Identify Safer workers before you hire (Employer Reports)

    Assess candidates and employees to gain insight into their individual safety strengths and risks. Provides SQ Score out of 100, personalized interview questions, and coaching tips to help you probe into risk tolerance and safety behaviors on the job.

  • Employee Development (Participant Reports)

    Empower employees with their own Participant Report to develop better Safety Self-Awareness with personalized tips to develop safer behaviors in the workplace. See how an Oil & Gas leader decreased incident rates by 30%

  • Safety Training & E-Learning (Safety Self-Awareness):

    TalentClick offers Safety Self-Awareness (SSA) and Managing Safety Self-Awareness (MSSA) e-learning courses and group training sessions for frontline workers and safety leaders. Training is proven to improve safety behaviors on the job. 84% of workers recommend this training.

  • Data Tracking & Safety Culture Surveys

    For safety insights at an organizational level, harness the power of your safety data by running SQ team reports or a Safety Culture Survey.


How TalentClick Measures Behavioral Safety Risk


Invite Applicants

From the TalentClick Portal, auto-send or manually send the Safety Quotient assessment link to each applicant or employee. It's easy to bulk import addresses. OR post a link on Job Portals or your Careers page.


Participants Complete Assessment

  • 7-minutes online
  • Multiple languages available
  • Non-invasive
  • No adverse impact


Get Results!

Reports are automatically stored in your account on our cloud-based platform. Reports can also be emailed directly to your inbox. We also offer integrations with SAP, Taleo and Workday.


Safety Quotient (SQ) Sample Reports

SQ Employer
Sample Report

Provides employers with safety-related strengths AND risks, interview questions and management tips

SQ Participant Sample Report

Provides the participant with self-coaching and self-awareness into their risk-related behaviors

SQ-Leadership Sample Report

SQ-L Participant Report offers personalized self-coaching tips to become a better safety leader


See how the SQ works as a part of TalentClick’s Core Bundle: Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

On its own, the SQ measures safety risk in the workplace. With the AVP, get SQ plus insights into Workstyle and Work Values. The AVP is a 3 in 1 survey that takes a participant 10-15 minutes to complete. The comprehensive combo report provides an employer with a summary of traits and interview questions and management considerations. The participant report is great for self-coaching and employee development. Start assessing your employee and candidates today!