Webinar on demand: Driver Safety & Risk Tolerance

Webinar on demand: Driver Safety & Risk Tolerance

Driver Safety Self-Awareness

In the world of transportation, 90% of incidents are due to human error. And typically, an at-fault crash happens because the driver was distracted, impulsive, rule-resistant, impatient, and more. But how can we identify higher-risk operators before the incident happens? How can we train those people to monitor their own impulses and change their own behaviors?

Join TalentClick CEO, Greg Ford, for a 20-minute webinar on Driver Safety to learn how leading organizations are saving millions of dollars by reducing employee turnover, decreasing safety incidents & property damage, and seeing lower insurance premiums.

The webinar will cover:

  • How you can measure risk tolerance
  • How you can predict high-risk behavior
  • How you can train drivers to have safety self-awareness and make safer choices

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