Webinar on demand: Employee Engagement Survey

Webinar on demand: Employee Engagement Survey

Discover what your employees are really thinking

Join TalentClick Co-Founder and CEO, Greg Ford, for a 20-minute webinar on Employee Engagement and how to understand what your employees are thinking AND how to take action for increased retention and productivity of your employees.

TalentClick’s Employee Engagement Survey helps you close the gap between what leaders think is happening in your organization and what is really happening. This data-driven report is designed to measure employee sentiment (their feelings about their job and your organizational culture) and intentions (Are they thinking of leaving? Are they disengaged?).

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to turn insights into actions from TalentClick’s Employee Engagement Survey
  • The differences in sentiment between managers and non-managers, and what this means
  • TalentClick’s Engagement Model: How Engagement Drivers lead to Engagement Indicators
  • How to get started measuring Engagement!

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