Developing Safety Leaders Using TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L)

Developing Safety Leaders Using TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L)


Safety leadership is a critical component in fostering a safe and productive working environment. Effective leaders prioritize the safety of their employees, which directly impacts overall workplace outcomes. When there is a dedicated focus on safety, organizations can see up to a 30% increase in employee engagement and workplace incidents are reduced by up to 50%¹. Organizations that implemented strong safety programs have seen a 67% reduction in employee absenteeism and a corresponding increase in productivity², and organizations with executives who actively engage in safety leadership report 70% fewer workplace accidents³

This emphasis on safety both protects employees and improves organizational efficiency and profitability by minimizing work stoppages and associated costs. Establishing strong safety leadership is indispensable for any organization aiming to promote a culture of safety and achieve long-term success.

TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L) is an innovative assessment tool designed to identify and cultivate safety leadership qualities within individuals and organizations. As a part of our 7-minute online Safety Quotient (SQ) assessment, safety leaders can learn how their own personalities impact their safety as well as how they lead others. Years of research into workplace safety have uncovered 6 personality traits that are directly correlated to safety leadership:

  • Resistant
  • Anxious
  • Impatient
  • Distractible
  • Impulsive
  • Thrill-Seeking

Our SQ-L Report offers personalized self-coaching tips on their strengths and blindspots as safety leaders – and how this self-awareness can help better manage their teams.

The Role of Safety Leaders in the Workplace

A safety leader plays a crucial role in defining and upholding safety standards within an organization. Their responsibilities go beyond simply enforcing rules; they also inspire and motivate the team to prioritize safety in every aspect of their work. Strong safety leadership profoundly impacts organizational culture, fostering an environment where safety becomes ingrained in daily operations and each employee and worker feels responsible for maintaining a safe workplace. This, in turn, leads to significant improvements in safety outcomes, reducing incidents and promoting a healthier workplace. 

Effective safety leaders lead by example, demonstrating commitment through their actions, and providing guidance and support. Their efforts create a ripple effect, encouraging others to follow suit and cultivate a culture of safety excellence. Understanding the safety personality profile of how leaders behave on the job can help develop and grow safety-focused leaders.

Safety Supervisors who scored highly Impatient had an average CREW incident rate 4X higher than those Safety Supervisors who scored highly Patient (even-tempered).

– TalentClick Safety Leadership Research


How SQ-L Enhances Safety Leadership Development

With the Safety Quotient for Leaders behavioral assessment, organizations can develop targeted strategies to cultivate strong safety leadership across all levels, from the frontline workers to senior management. This holistic approach not only enhances overall safety culture but also drives continuous improvement and operational excellence. TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L) enhances safety leadership development in 3 steps:

1. Identify Potential Safety Leaders with the SQ-L

Identifying safety leaders is the first key step in building a strong culture of safety. TalentClick’s SQ-L assessment helps simplify this process by pinpointing individuals with strong safety leadership potential. By identifying these key workers, organizations can focus on nurturing and developing the right talents. The traits and behaviors associated with high SQ-L scores indicate individuals who prioritize safety and may also inspire others to do the same. 

TalentClick’s detailed reports provide insights into these traits, helping organizations understand what makes a top safety leader. This knowledge allows for the creation of specific profiles that can be used to identify and cultivate similar individuals.

2. Personalize Training and Development of Safety Leaders

Personalizing training and development programs for safety leaders begins by understanding each leader’s unique personality. With the Participant Reports, safety leaders can be involved in their own development by reflecting on their strengths and risk areas, with personalized self-coaching tips and development of a Safe Self Action Plan.

Customized learning paths based on results from TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders (SQ-L) allow for a more focused development plan. By utilizing TalentClick’s assessment results, clear learning trajectories can be outlined for each individual, ensuring that their training is impactful. This level of customization not only enriches the learning experience but also expedites the development of safety leadership skills.

TalentClick’s Managing Safety Self-Awareness eLearning training personalizes safety leader training based on their Safety Quotient results and is a great step to increasing safety self-awareness in leaders.

3. Ongoing Improvements and Feedback on Safety Leaders

To ensure ongoing accountability and continuous improvement in safety leadership, providing regular and detailed feedback is crucial for effectively monitoring the implementation of Safe Self Action Plans and the ongoing development of each leader. This consistent and supportive feedback mechanism allows leaders to actively track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments in order to align with their development goals and to further enhance their safety leadership skills.  

TalentClick’s Safety Culture Survey is an organizational tool to see how effective safety programs have been by measuring actual attitudes, sentiments, and commitment to safety at all levels of the organization – from frontline workers to executives.


How TalentClick’s Safety Assessment Helped Reduce Incident Rates by 15% in a Large Construction Company

Performance Contractors is a leader in the industrial construction and maintenance field, operating in over 30 US states, with more than 7,000 employees. One of the company values is to create “a safe and stable working environment supported by cutting edge training and personal development.” With this in mind, the executive selected TalentClick assessments to build safety awareness within the workplace to reduce risks and preventable incidents. The organization also wanted to collect yearly data to ensure positive progress was being measured and achieved. 

By continuing to utilize the Safety Quotient assessment the long-term results demonstrated substantial improvements within the organization. Most notable was the 20% decrease in employee turnover, followed closely by a 15% reduction in incident rates. Due to these two results Performance Contractors began to note improvements in other areas of the business. Their overall business grew by 7% and their employee satisfaction increased by 20%.

Read the full story here.

“TalentClick’s program definitely helped lead us in the right direction on filling our gaps as a company.” 

– Project Services Manager




Leveraging TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for Leaders offers significant benefits for developing effective safety leaders. By implementing the SQ-L in your organization, you can enhance safety leadership and drive a culture of safety excellence.

Take the next step today to invest in SQ-L and transform your safety program for the better.

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