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TalentClick – Employee Personality Assessments

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In over 100 countries worldwide, leading companies use the predictive analytics in TalentClick’s risk-based personality assessments to hire and train better employees. Our online proprietary employee personality assessments measure factors which can lead to human error and incidents on the job and recommend self-coaching and management trips for minimizing the impact of these factors in the workplace.

Why We’re Here

Our mission is to impact positive workplace decisions for all job types in all industries and regions around the world. Our personality assessments are cloud-based, easy to use, and purchased through unlimited use annual subscriptions which are affordable and a game changer in the world of psychometric testing. The comprehensive knowledge gained through our personality assessments have been validated to reduce workplace incidents for our industrial clients by an average of 10-25%!

All of TalentClick’s employee personality assessments uncover strengths and risk areas through predictive analytics. Measuring scores against meaningful reference points we are able to provide actionable recommendations to leverage candidate and employee strengths and reduce risk in the workplace. Types of risk include:

  • Risk of Hiring “Wrong-Fit” Employees
  • Risk of Training the Wrong Workers in the Wrong Skill Areas
  • Risk of Incidents & Injuries
  • Risk of Making Ill-Informed Management Decisions

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