5 Reasons to Assess Behavioral Safety Risk

5 Reasons to Assess Behavioral Safety Risk

Employee safety is one of the top priorities of many organizations. It is crucial to ensure that employees working in high-risk environments are psychologically as well as physically prepared to handle the demands of their roles – in the safest ways possible. TalentClick’s Safety Quotient helps assess behavioral safety risk and how it can affect on-the-job behavior. Here are 5 important reasons why assessing behavioral safety risk is essential for creating a safety-first culture:

  1. Identify Risks Early: TalentClick’s Safety assessments can identify personality traits that may contribute to riskier behaviors and workplace incidents BEFORE they happen. Identifying these traits early allows employers to adjust hiring programs and employee training to address a worker’s potential gaps and create a more proactive safety environment. 
    Watch this 2-minute video on how to predict your next incident:

  2. Make Better Hiring Decisions: For organizations that operate in high-risk fields such as construction, manufacturing, or transportation, hiring the right employees is absolutely critical. The Safety Quotient can help by evaluating each applicant’s predisposition for risk-taking behaviors and determining whether they are suited for the demands and risks of the position. This results in better, safer, more cost effective hiring decisions.

    A research study in a leading Security Services Company uncovered traits linked to on-the-job incidents and showed:
    High risk employees are up to 5X more likely to be involved in a safety incident

    Read more for detailed results.

  3. Safety Self-Awareness Training: TalentClick’s Safety Quotient and Safety Self-Awareness eLearning courses are designed for managers and frontline workers to reflect on their personality traits and behavior. This training can help arm employees with the necessary tools, skills, and strategies to identify how their own personality contributes to unsafe behaviors, and help them make bette choices to reduce risks over time. 

  4. Promote and Prioritize Safety Culture: One of the essential benefits of TalentClick’s assessments is the ability to improve company culture when it comes to safety. By helping employees understand their individual behavior strengths and weaknesses, they can learn how their unique personalities and behaviors can impact the work environment. This results in a more open and accepting environment, where workers work collaboratively and are accountable for their actions, thus reducing behavioral risk and building a safety-first culture. 

  5. Reduce Costs Associated with Work Stoppages and Injury: Workplace incidents and injuries can come at a high cost to employers, both financially and emotionally. Using TalentClick’s Safety Quotient for hiring, training, and retaining safer workers can help organizations reduce costs associated with accidents, injuries, and fatalities, resulting in a safer workplace for everyone.
    See how this construction organization used the Safety Quotient for onboarding and employee development to increase safety self-awareness and decrease incident rates by 15%: Read the full customer story here. 

TalentClick’s Safety Quotient provides valuable information that helps organizations create a safe, thriving workplace culture. By offering a deep understanding of the human factors that contribute to workplace incidents and injuries, TalentClick’s assessments can help organizations reduce behavioral safety risk and create a safer work environment for all.

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