Welcome to the eLearning Course!

Welcome to the eLearning Course!

Safety Track Message Series Welcome to Managing Safety Self-Awareness

Managing Safety Self-Awareness is the only online safety training course that focuses on personality risk. It is also the only online safety training that adapts course content according to the unique personality of each participant.

This is the perfect safety leadership training course for leaders in industrial companies who want to reduce incidents and create a culture of safety excellence.

About the Course

Managing Safety-Self Awareness is a 60 minute online course that will teach you how to monitor and change your own behaviors. You will also learn how to lead, coach, and train workers based on their own unique personality.

Unlike other eLearning courses that offer a technical certification, Managing Safety-Self Awareness is about leading people more effectively.

The course itself is based on Safety Quotient™, a personalized coaching & self-study tool that has been proven to reduce incidents by an average of 20% in safety-sensitive industries.

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