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Try Safety Quotient™ FREE for 30-Days

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Safety Quotient™ (SQ™) uses proven assessment technology to measure the unique personality traits directly connected to unsafe behaviors. Companies using SQ™ have reduced the risk of workplace incidents by up to 20%!

With your Free 30-Day Unlimited Subscription, you can begin developing the Safety Self-Awareness of every single one of your employees. The SQ™ provides participants with a self-study workbook designed to interrupt unsafe behaviors and increase their Safety Self-Awareness. Employers can use the SQ™ for Pre-Hiring, Onboarding, and Developing Current Employees.


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Try the full, unlimited version of the SQ™ free right now for 30-Days. Evaluate potential hires or gain insight into long-time employees with both the Participant and Employer Reports to begin building a safer, more aware workforce.

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