Evaluate a Participant's Ability to Solve Work-Related Problems

Designed to assess advanced skills for leaders and complex, specialized roles, the Business Reasoning skills test assesses two aspects of advanced cognitive capacity and problem solving:

  • Advanced Language Reasoning Ability – Measures communication ability to understand and solve business problems in a written or verbal format using correct logic & judgment.
  • Advanced Numerical Reasoning Ability – Measures mathematical ability to understand and solve business problems in a numerical format by making the appropriate calculations & judgments.

The assessment takes approximately 25-30 minutes. Once completed, a report is automatically generated that contains insight into a candidate’s strengths, feedback on areas for development, training tips, and suggested interview questions based on report results.


The Benefits of Assessing Business Reasoning

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  • Identify your future leaders (Hiring/Promotion/Succession Planning)

    TalentClick's Business Reasoning can be used to test new applicants or existing employees to identify top performers and effective leaders for your organization. Understand the strengths and areas for development with personalized insights into their problem solving, advanced calculations and communication abilities. Make better hiring and development decisions to build your best teams.

  • Leadership Development (Training)

    Measure leadership potential so you can prepare for your leaders of today and tomorrow. Invest in the strongest leaders within your organization with personalized development and coaching tips provided in the BR report.

  • Match an individual’s abilities to job fit (Performance)

    Assign work to team members based on their advanced cognitive and problem solving strengths. In this data analysis, one of TalentClick’s clients filling a complex role found that advanced verbal reasoning was the number one predictor of on the job success. Download Data Analysis here.


How TalentClick Measures Business Reasoning Ability


Invite Applicants

From the TalentClick Portal, auto-send or manually send the Business Reasoning assessment link to each applicant or employee. It's easy to bulk import addresses. OR post a link on Job Portals or your Careers page.


Participants Complete Assessment

  • 25-30 minutes online
  • Recommend completing on a desktop
  • Non-invasive
  • No adverse impact


Get Results!

Reports are automatically stored in your account on our cloud-based platform. Reports can also be emailed directly to your inbox. Or integrate with your ATS or HRIS like SAP, Taleo or Workday


Business Reasoning (BR) Sample Reports

BR Employer Sample Report

Provides employers with an overview of Business Reasoning, plus interview questions and performance management tips.

LP Employer Sample Report

The Leadership Profile LP includes Business Reasoning PLUS adds in workstyle and conflict management to assess leadership potential.

AVP+BR Employer Sample Report

Combine the BR with our core AVP report to assess personality, behavioral risk & problem solving ability, all in one report.


The Leadership Profile combines personality insights, business reasoning and conflict management style to identify and develop future leaders

On its own, the BR provides insight into advanced numerical and math, verbal and communication reasoning to measure problem solving capabilities. For a more in-depth look at leadership potential, the Leadership Profile (LP) adds two more sections to this report:

Conflict Management Style: The report (page here) delivers a 360 view of a participant’s conflict management style with Supervisors, Direct Reports, and Peers to provide a full picture of how they are predicted to handle conflict in the workplace.

Workstyle & Performance Profile: The WPP insights provide an overview of a participant’s default personality traits, as well as personalized interview questions, management tips, strengths and areas for development.

LP Conflict Management