Strengthening an Industry Leading Safety Culture

Strengthening an Industry Leading Safety Culture

Reducing Incidents

How TalentClick helped strengthen an industry leading safety culture with personalized safety training.

Occupational and process safety permeates throughout the entirety of Valero Energy Corporation’s ethanol manufacturing client’s operations. When they purchased several plants in Iowa, including an ethanol plant in Fort Dodge, they had a large number of new workers join their family. While the workers at these plants were productive and hard working, they came from a history of farming and had little experience with such comprehensive safety processes.

When two separate incidents occurred at two sister plants, the Fort Dodge plant’s HSE Manager wanted to help his workers make safer workplace decisions, ensuring such incidents won’t occur at his plant. The HSE manager approached TalentClick to integrate our Safety Self-Awareness training solutions into the company’s award winning safety programs.

How They Did It

Building Safety Self-Awareness

Using the online questionnaire Safety Quotient™ (SQ™), participants developed an understanding of their safety related behaviors and unique training needs. Taking their results into the classroom, they received personalized training to interrupt their unsafe behaviors to prevent risks before they even occur.

Managing Safety Self-Awareness

Managers were taught the six personality traits which are correlated with safety-related behaviors. Through a series of group and individual exercises, managers learn how to address the personal training needs of each worker by tailoring their leadership methods to the worker’s unique learning style.


The HSE manager was such a huge fan of the Safety Self-Awareness training that he wanted to become certified to deliver it himself. He was trained to administer Safety Quotient™, interpret results, and train others on how to use the assessment for safety awareness training and development on an ongoing basis.

Participants Loved It!

Well collected feedback through a post-session survey. From this survey, 82% of participants said that the training would be effective for them in the future, while 84% said they would recommend it to other in their industry!

The HSE Manager Loved It!

“TalentClick has been opening our workforce’s eyes to better understanding the prevention of workplace incidents. The information not only has helped us in reducing injuries but also environmental spills, product losses and quality issues. Their training solutions offer in-depth insight in how individual “at risks” behaviors are a leading indicator to adverse events. They provided a fun and engaging training experience that resulted in a visible improvement of safety behavior in our workforce!”