Prevent Predictable Incidents (Video)

Prevent Predictable Incidents (Video)

Research shows that nearly 90% of incidents can be attributed to some level of human error, with personality risk factors like “Distractibility”, “Anxiousness”, and “Impulsiveness” causing otherwise rational people to cause unsafe acts. Safety Quotient™ helps identify those key “natural default” personality traits that drive people to make unsafe decisions while offering actionable recommendations for preventing human error-caused incidents through guided coaching and self-awareness.

The assessment takes less than 20 minutes to complete online, from any Internet connected device (computer, mobile phone, etc.), with questions written at a 4th Grade reading level in multiple languages from English and Spanish to Punjabi and Chinese. Reports are equally easy to read, available in both an Employer version (to facilitate personalized coaching) and a Self-Coaching Report (for self-coaching).

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Greg Ford: What if you could predict your next incident? Prior to most incidents, there is a series of unsafe behaviors. There’s a pattern of events. Up to 90% of the incidents that take place are due to human error and it’s because people are acting distractable, impulsive, rule resistant. We offer a leading indicator in the world of behavioral safety.

Safety Quotient™ helps identify our natural default settings. It helps measure who we are on these different scales. We can customize it according to a company’s unique needs. It’s written in plain language; anyone can understand the reports. And it’s quite affordable given the cost of the alternative.

Stephen Race: The real value is in the reports. It’s an outline of any safety risks that the person might have. Personality is how we’re hardwired. It’s what we naturally gravitate to. If a person is high risk on a certain area, it doesn’t mean they can’t do the job. But it means that they might need extra training and coaching.

Heather White: The response to the training has been overwhelmingly positive. People are pumped – they leave inspired and motivated. It’s content that’s applicable to their day-to-day lives.

Greg Ford: Companies that we work with are telling us that they’re getting better at business intelligence on who they’re hiring and who they have on the job already so they can make decisions around training and performance management and coaching. And it’s really helping them reduce incidents.