Overcoming Training Fatigue

Overcoming Training Fatigue

PDF of the September 10th Webinar

For those that missed the Overcoming Training Fatigue webinar event, we have provided a PDF copy and uploaded it so you can view at a time convenient to you.

Overcoming Training Fatigue

One of the most common challenges we hear from instructors when it comes to training is keeping participants engaged.

Organizing a workforce into a classroom is stressful for both the trainer and especially the workers.

These workers may be coming off of a long shift, some upwards of 12 hours. At this point, these workers just want to get home, put their feet up, and crack open a nice cold beer, not sit at a desk and be talked at.

Forward thinking training professionals are beginning to understand that the most effective training needs to be focused on the individual’s unique training needs rather than being generalized for the entire workforce.

Join workplace learning expert Dean Hillard as he outlines how personalized training can improve employee productivity, course material retention, and ultimately reduce workplace incidents.

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