Grow Top Performing Teams with Personality Analytics

Grow Top Performing Teams with Personality Analytics

Assessments look at an individual’s personality and what strengths or gaps they may bring to a certain position. However, most of us don’t work in isolation. Each team member’s personality traits can be used in Team Analytics Reports. With added business intelligence that helps predict how your team members interact, you can improve team communication, problem-solving, and performance, and minimize conflict. Put your data to work and see the results in the teams you manage.

  • Predict Team Dynamics, Communication and Conflict Management

As you prepare to hire new employees, create a team report and compare candidate profiles to your existing team. See where they fit. Is their profile similar to some top performers?  Would your new hire’s personality traits complement your existing team? By mapping all team members’ assessment results onto one page, you can visualize how a potential employee may have gaps, blind spots or areas of friction on a team.

For example, if you have a team of direct communicators and your candidate is an emotional communicator, they may have a hard time interacting with their coworkers. Understanding these possible areas of friction can help reduce conflict,  maximize productivity, and build positive team culture. Team Analytics makes it easy for you to compare a candidate’s profile to your existing team, balance the strengths and minimize areas of risk.

  • Bring Teams Together to Develop

Team Analytics are powerful beyond the hiring stage.  You can also use team reports and team insights to empower your employees. Create empathy within the team by facilitating an open discussion to help employees understand themselves and others better. For example, they will understand why one employee may focus on the details on their to-do list, and another might be good at generating new ideas. Let your employees talk to each other about their personality traits, and understand each other on a higher level.

When team members have insight into their co-workers’ personality traits, they may feel empowered to work together in a more productive and positive manner. Check out this sample team report.

  • Compare Teams across Locations

Do you have multiple teams across multiple locations? Have you ever wondered why one location has fewer incidents, and another location has low employee turnover?  Use Team Analytics to compare and contrast your teams. When you look at one team’s average traits versus others you can see what variants may cause these differences.

Once you have identified where there may be gaps, you have more knowledge, and the more insight you have, the easier your decisions become.

At TalentClick, we empower you with the tools to dig into your own Team Analytics, turning your data into valuable, actionable insights and create more productive and high performing teams. Learn how to interpret team reports in this 8-minute video and bring your team together today!