5 Legal Ways to use Assessments in Your Business

5 Legal Ways to use Assessments in Your Business

Legal Ways to Use Assessments

In many industries, using assessments to determine a candidate’s abilities and qualifications can be a valuable tool. Every potential employee brings to the table a wealth of experiences, both good & bad, so it can be good knowledge to have in advance of an offer.

However, hiring managers sometimes have reservations utilizing assessments for fear of legal lash backs, causing them to miss out on the many advantages of this information. Here are a few useful suggestions on how you can legally and effectively include assessments in your everyday hiring and employment planning.


When basic reference checks are being conducted, consider requesting your candidate complete the assessment as part of this process. In most States and Provinces, employers are legally entitled to conduct a series of reference checks on potential employees, and these can vary depending on the type of role or project you’re hiring for. As long as the assessment is job relevant, you can use it as a tool to better understand your candidates and, should you choose to move forward with an offer, help them to become more efficient team members.


In addition to introducing your company’s standards and policies, consider using the assessment process as an element of your employee onboarding. Include the assessment in your hiring package and take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with an employee’s skill level and work habits early on in an effort to give attention to the areas they may need it most.


No matter how often you conduct performance reviews, including an assessment is a terrific way to determine how both you and the employee feel about their progress. By providing applicable assessment tools as part of your standard evaluation, you can clarify where more training, information or attention is required.


Most employees strive to be capable contributors to their team by consistently using their best skills, knowledge and training. Providing the opportunity to take part in regular assessment testing can be an effective way to not only find out what an employee’s strengths are, but can also help identify areas where they may want to receive additional training or assistance to become more adept in their role.


Providing customized training for your team is not only a great way to keep everyone abreast of current job requirements, but can also help promote confidence and good moral in the work environment. Using the assessment results can be valuable in determining what tools or skills require attention so that you can work to create tailored programs. By addressing these areas more acutely, staff may feel that their needs are being effectively met.


Overall, assessments in any form can be an extremely effectual way to ensure that you’re not only creating and managing a top-notch team for your company or project, but you are tuned into their individual needs. Utilizing job relevant assessments that evaluate skills essential to the tasks required is not only legal, but can help both you and the employee establish a positive, productive and long lasting working relationship.


Use legally compliant pre-employment testing to reap the benefits of hiring the right candidate the first time around.