3 Pre-Employment Behavioral Assessments you need when hiring new employees

3 Pre-Employment Behavioral Assessments you need when hiring new employees

Do you still use your gut when screening employment candidates? While our gut is great for some things, determining the right candidate for a specific role is not one. Traditional interviews give you only a 50/50 chance of selecting a top performer.  You need to dig deeper to probe into a candidate’s potential gaps and blind spots BEFORE you hire. Pre-employment behavioral assessments help you do exactly this. Adding objective science to your hiring process will reduce bias, predict how the personality of a candidate will impact their on-the-job behavior and performance, and increase the chances of successful candidate selection. Assessments can lead to a 40% increase in the quality of a hire.

Pre-Employment Candidate Selection

After reviewing resumes of qualified candidates, and BEFORE selecting candidates for an interview, ask them to complete an employee personality assessment to provide insights into their:

  1. Workstyle and Performance Profile (TalentClick’s WPP) looks at seven dimensions of personality and determines our three most dominant traits, which inform the majority of our personality. The WPP reports summarize candidate strengths and areas for coaching and development. 
  2. Work Values and Attitude (TalentClick’s WVA) provides results on six dimensions to help employers understand how candidates will ‘fit’ to corporate values and attitudes. From a positive attitude to aggression control, the WVA looks at the default settings we have that may affect candidate behaviors in the workplace.
  3. Safety and Risk Tolerance (TalentClick’s SQ) looks at a candidate’s safety-related personality traits, and how a candidate may behave in a stressful situation. These can be very important in roles where safety and safety management is important and can help you reduce risk by increasing self-awareness and choosing safe behaviors for the job site.

One online 15-minute pre-employment behavioral assessment provides valuable insight into each candidate’s work style and work values, to help you have better interviews and make better hiring decisions. By comparing a candidate’s results to an “ideal profile” for a particular job, you can see at a glance how they line up with a benchmark of your top-performers. With these insights, you can increase the chances of finding a successful hire and spend your time on the people who are most likely to be a great fit with your organization

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