Become A TalentClick Certified Trainer

Become A TalentClick Certified Trainer

Safety Partner Program

Offer the best in Preventative Safety Training

Chances are, you love improving your value to clients and earning extra revenue just as much you love helping companies build a safer workplace. As a TalentClick Certified Trainer, you can grow your suite of services and gain access to new opportunities. You can help make the world a safer place with our engaging and innovative preventative approach to safety based on decades of research in workplace psychology.

Why Partner With TalentClick

  1. Supporting materials are co-branded with your name and logo
  2. Huge revenue-earning potential as you further monetize your customer base
  3. Provide your customers with training proven to reduce workplace incidents
  4. Offer your client-base with industry leading solutions that provide unrivaled customer satisfaction
  5. Stay ahead of your competition with a new preventative training program

What You Will Teach

The Safety Self-Awareness Training is a half-day workshop that teaches a practical method for reducing preventable incidents. Participants learn the root cause of human error, how personality types can contribute to safety-risk, and how to better manage the personality-risk that exists in all of us.

About TalentClick

TalentClick is a leading expert in employee safety risk assessment. We apply our nearly half a century of combined experience in psychology, human resource consulting, and workplace learning to help organizations with project personnel selection, training, risk mitigation, and organizational effectiveness. Our mission is to impact positive workplace decisions from front-line workers to high-level executives in all types of industries across the globe.