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Register for a Free Trial of 3 Safety Solutions!

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The Safety Self-Awareness System™ improves safety outcomes through data-driven hiring, training, and ongoing development. Grounded in Assessment-Based Learning, it uses personalized coaching and self-study programs to modify unsafe behaviors and improve Safety Self-Awareness.

Every employee is different. The best way to predict and improve their behavior is by first understanding their personality through Assessment-Based Learning, a cost-effective and easy-to-implement program proven effective for individuals and organizations. With Assessment-Based Learning, you can experience incident rate reductions by an average of 20%, while saving an average of $76,000 per 100 new employees!

How It Works

Your employees take a 15-20 minute online assessment, available in over 8 languages, and receive a comprehensive report outlining their unique safety-related personality.

Their direct supervisors also receive a version of the report that adds personalized interview questions (for effective hiring) and management/coaching tips.

Employees and their supervisors work together to improve upon personality risk factors and to leverage their innate strengths to become safer employees using:

  • Self-Study Learning
  • Online Safety Training
  • Instructor-Led Training

Safety-related behaviors at your company improve and incident rates drop by an average of 20% across the board.