Enjoy Your Free Trial

Enjoy Your Free Trial

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You may already know a little bit about how our assessments work, but we invite you to try one out yourself (on us) to see how accurate our reports can be at predicting your personality.

See How Personality Risk Assessments Work

Our assessments take less than 20 minutes to complete and are accessible on any device, from a laptop to a desktop to your mobile phone. We ask only work-related questions and provide you with a detailed report outlining how to manage your own personality-risk factors at work. Choose which product fits your role best in order to have an accurate view of the predictive power of TalentClick's Personality Risk Assessments:

Try Safety Quotient™ Free
For Front-Line Workers, Supervisors & Foremen
The Safety Quotient™ identifies the personality risk factors that lead to employees causing dangerous and costly incidents. Leading companies use SQ™ to reduce risk of incidents and hire, train, and develop more productive and safer workers.

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Try Driver Safety Quotient™ Free
For People Who Drive As Part of their Jobs
Even the most experienced drivers have caused crashes in times of serious stress or distraction. Find out which personality-risk factors leave you vulnerable to near-misses and at-fault accidents by trying the Driver Safety Quotient™ free.

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Try Workstyle & Performance Profile Free
For Professionals, Executives, and Everyone In Between
Use the Workstyle & Performance Profile to hire, place, and onboard the strongest job candidates. Learn how to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and achieve better overall employee satisfaction with your free trial assessment.

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