Get Your SafeSelf Personal Action Plan Free

Get Your SafeSelf Personal Action Plan Free

Remember Charlie Morecraft's Story

Charlie Morecraft Safety Speaker

In partnering with Charlie Morecraft, motivational safety speaker, TalentClick is offering his fans access to their very own SafeSELF Personal Action Plan based on the Safety Quotient™ Personality Risk Assessment. With this report, front line workers and direct supervisors will be able to learn how they can personally prevent incidents on the job.

What Is The SQ™?

Like the IQ, which measures a person’s intelligence, the SQ™ measures how safe a person is as a front-line worker. Primarily used for industrial workers in safety-sensitive workplaces, the SQ™ helps both employees and employers create a safer workplace for everyone!

Use Your SQ™

Complete the Safety Quotient™ Personality Risk Assessment, a 10-15 minute online survey accessible from any web browser. Once completed, you will receive the Safety Quotient™ Personal Risk Assessment Report, which includes:

  1. Your Personal Safety Risk Factors
  2. Recommendations for Controlling Your “Higher-Risk” Natural Impulses
  3. Your Personalized SafeSELF Action Plan Workbook

Download a Sample SSAP Workbook


*Offer expires through March 31, 2013