Benefits & Requirements

Benefits & Requirements

Partner Benefits

TalentClick Silver Benefits

  • Account Protection: TalentClick offers account protection for you on approved prospects registered through the Partner Portal.

  • Secure Access to Partner Portal: Gain access to TalentClick’s Partner Portal to download valuable information and collateral to you help close more sales.

  • Free Trial Assessments: You will receive a set number of free trials to provide customers with a compelling way to directly observe and evaluate the capabilities of TalentClick’s solutions.

  • Starter-Kit & Certification Logo: You will receive a free, comprehensive starter-kit meant to provide basic knowledge, sales tools and marketing assets for you and your team to begin selling TalentClick solutions. Your official certified partner logo will also be available for promotion on your website or marketing collateral.

TalentClick Gold Benefits

  • Co-Marketing Opportunities: You will gain access to internal TalentClick marketing resources, allowing for a stronger marketing engine via joint campaigns, co-branded collateral and customized assets.

  • Gold Level Commission: As your dedication to the Partnership Program increases, so will your commission-rate increas

TalentClick Platinum Benefits

  • Qualified Sales Leads: You will be passed along qualified sales leads as they become available, allowing for a shorter sales cycle and more revenue.

  • Access to Industry Expertise: You will gain access to in-house TalentClick experts to leverage at special speaking engagements or events.

  • Platinum Level Commission: Your commitment to the Partnership Program has reached the highest level, and so to should your compensation. TalentClick will reward your dedicate with the highest level of commission rates the Partnership Program has to offer


Partner Requirements

  • Sign Partner Agreement: All partners participating in the TalentClick Partner Program must be approved and sign a partner agreement.

  • Certification: All partners must be certified in order to represent TalentClick solutions.

  • Minimum revenue requirements: At the start of the partnership, TalentClick awards each partner the Silver status. By meeting certain revenue requirements, Partners can progress to Gold and Platinum status.

  • Dedicated Marketing & Sales Resources: In addition to receiving increase marketing and sales commitment from TalentClick as a Platinum Partner, you will also be expected to provide your own dedicated sales resources