Using the Guided Interview Process

Using the Guided Interview Process

The Guided Interview Process

The TalentClick Guided Interview Process can help you save time and money by providing you interview questions personalized to the candidate’s unique personality.

One of the most powerful tools within TalentClick assessments is the Guided Interview Process. In the Employer Report of our assessments hiring managers can find Safety Strengths, Coaching tips, and Suggested Interview Questions, all of which will help you hire and retain top talent.

Using the Guided Interview

The first step to The Guided Interview Process is understanding what is being measured. Each of TalentClick’s assessments measures a set of workstyle and personality characteristics.

Linking the Position to Personality Dimensions

When hiring a new candidate, you should consider how the dimensions related to the workplace and job. For example, if you were hiring a truck driver, you would want to pay close attention to the Distractible – Focused results. A distractible candidate has a highest chance of causing a workplace incident and would need a significant investment in training and mentorship.

Understand the Dimensions

Next, set benchmarks using past and current hires for your company. If you hired a top performer for a similar role, consider personality made that employee exceptional and develop interview questions that would uncover any similar traits your candidate may have. Use these benchmarks in setting what type of person would be a good fit for the job.

Using the Suggested Interview Questions

After taking into account past successes and your candidate’s strengths, use the suggested interview questions as a guide to fully develop your interview processes. Each of the six dimensions will provide 2-3 examples of interview questions you can use to have your candidate speak on their Safety Self-Awareness. These questions will be specific to your candidate’s unique personality.

The Simple Way to Hire the Best

Using TalentClick’s assessments, you can hire and coach top performers who can become the strongest contributors to your safety program.

If you would like to learn more about using and interpreting TalentClick assessments, book a guided demonstration using the link below:

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