What is the onboarding process for new customers?

What is the onboarding process for new customers?

As a new TalentClick customer there are only a few steps to get you up and running. 
1. Account Set-Up (2-3 business days) – You will receive access to the TalentClick Portal along with assessment links to the products outlined in your agreement.

  • Additional time (1-2 weeks) may be required if custom benchmarks need to be created

2. Onboarding Video Call – (1-1.5 hours) Your key team members will spend about one hour learning about report interpretation and how to use the TalentClick Portal. This is recorded for your on-going reference.

Topics covered in your onboarding session include:

  • Assessments 101 – Benefits of using assessments and why they work
  • Report Interpretation – ‘User Training’ that focuses more on the soft skills needed for interpreting the reports and using the information for pre-screening, interviews, performance management, and coaching of a new hire.
  • TalentClick Portal Overview – ‘Administrator Training’ that focuses on using our technology. We instruct new customers on how to use the cloud-based portal to invite applicants to complete the assessment, how to retrieve reports, how to run group reports and team analytics, how to create additional benchmarks in the future. Learning to use our portal is fairly easy and straightforward.
  • Exercises – Review real results!
  • Additional Training (optional) – Depending on the structure of your organization, additional training may be needed for account administrators, recruiters, leadership development trainers, or safety initiatives. 
  • When additional onboarding training is needed, it may be completed using live webinars or smaller group sessions. If this additional training was not outlined in your agreement there may be an additional charge.

    Ongoing Support – Your TalentClick account manager will check in with you regularly to ensure you have what you need to reach your goals (e.g., reducing turnover, improving productivity, reducing safety incidents, improving internal employee development). TalentClick also offers monthly newsletters and other resources in the TalentClick Portal to support continual learning to maximize the benefits of using assessments in your organization.