The Top Safety Cultures™ Awards (Video)

The Top Safety Cultures™ Awards (Video)

Recording of the June 2nd Webinar

For those that missed the “How the Top Safety Cultures™ Awards Program Can Help Improve Your Safety Culture” webinar event, we recorded the full version for you and uploaded it to a video sharing website called Vimeo so you can view at a time convenient to you.

About the Webinar

The Top Safety Cultures™ Awards program is intended to celebrate and enable the creation of safer workplaces and enhanced safety cultures for employees, their family members and their communities across Canada.

Learn how to establish your ideal safety culture, and how to best measure improvements in safety culture over time. In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll see how the Top Safety Cultures Awards™ program can provide the knowledge you need to improve your culture of safety.



To download a copy of this video, please go to Vimeo and click Download