How to Create Team Reports to build and retain a productive, effective workforce

How to Create Team Reports to build and retain a productive, effective workforce

TalentClick’s team reports help organizations see beyond individual performance to look at teams as a whole. Rarely do we work in isolation, so determining where the strengths, gaps, and areas of possible conflict are within a team is important to maintain a productive and positive work culture. An effective, thriving team helps you retain top-performing employees and build a successful organization.

”TalentClick’s assessments have helped me build a much more cohesive and well-aligned team. I don’t remember the last time I had to deal with a ‘cultural’ fit issue.”
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Here are 3 easy steps to activate Team Reports: 

1. Assess the personality traits of each person on your team

TalentClick’s Behavioral Assessments give you an individual deep dive into each employee’s workstyle, values & on-the-job behavior. Gather each member of the team’s unique personality profile before creating a Team Report. Individuals can also receive participant reports with personalized self-coaching tips to help them understand how their default personality traits impact their behavior for insightful, powerful employee development. 

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2. Create a Team Report with TalentClick Analytics

TalentClick’s Portal and advanced analytics give you the tools you need to aggregate each member of your team’s behavioral assessment results into a single report. Easily add team members to look at the data in one summary report to compare and contrast how each employee’s personality aligns and differs.  These advanced workforce analytics help you spot trends, patterns, gaps, and areas of potential team strength or conflict – all to help you make more informed and impactful decisions for your organization.

3. Share the results!

Share the Team Report with your employees and lead them in a discussion on how their personality traits influence their behaviors in a team dynamic. Bring teammates together to better understand each others’ workstyles and personalities. Ensure they learn that there are no “good” or “bad” personalities but that both similarities and differences are needed for a strong, balanced, high-functioning team. Understanding team strengths and potential gaps can improve how your team interacts with each other. This could also lead to a stronger culture where employees are engaged and eager to grow, improve performance and minimize conflict.

TalentClick Team Reports take you beyond individual assessments to look at the bigger picture, giving you the power to build and develop high-performing teams who stay in the job longer and thrive.
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