Six Ways to Close Candidates and Improve your Hiring Success

Six Ways to Close Candidates and Improve your Hiring Success

Improve your Hiring Success
Once you have found your top performers, you need to make sure they have all the information they need to make the choice for joining your team. Below are six ways to close candidates and improve your hiring success.

    • Identify their needs – the crucial component in selling candidates on a job opportunity is understanding their needs. To start, find out what they like and don’t like about their current job. Give them a simple sheet that asks them to list job elements they want “more of” and elements they want “less of”. Ask them, “If you could magically make your job better, what would you add or take away?” Whenever possible, pre-qualify candidates based on their needs and any possible issues they might have. Keep asking them, “Is there anything else wrong with your current job?”


    • Ask them directly – Sometime during the initial screening or first interview, ask candidates to directly list their “job switch criteria” and if you can, ask them also to prioritize the criteria. Use telephone screening to save time and gather information about technical skills without being hampered by a visual first impression. Identify “triggers” that might cause people to consider your job opportunity. Ask them: “Under what circumstances might you consider working for us?”


    • ABC (Always Be Closing) – Good salespeople are continually qualifying customers by asking, “Is there anything else you’re looking for?” They will then use “if/then” statements to test the trial offer. Example: “If we can provide ______, then is there any reason why you wouldn’t accept this offer?”


    • Offer dream jobs – Be prepared to offer the very top candidates their “dream job” which is a job customized to their particular needs and skills. You can identify their dream job and what you have to do to motivate them by using the “more of/less of” sheet. Educate top candidates about job features and company opportunities that they might not have put on their list because they weren’t aware these were possible.


    • Don’t oversell – Always make sure the match is a good fit for both parties. There is no point in trying to squeeze someone into a role unsuited for them, because you will quickly earn a reputation. Furthermore, ensure that it is a good fit for you and your organization. Just because someone is the best, it doesn’t mean they are the best for your company.


    • Involve your employees – Consider using peer interviews where the candidate’s future coworkers do most of the interviewing and assessment. It often allows the candidate to open up but it is also effective because coworkers can be great sales people.


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Written by TalentClick CEO Greg Ford, M.Ed. and Dr. John Sullivan.