Using TalentClick Assessments for best-fit training

Using TalentClick Assessments for best-fit training

Best-fit Training

How to use the personal snapshot within TalentClick assessments to develop best-fit training programs for your workers.

One popular feature of TalentClick’s Employer Report is the Personal Snapshot, which can quickly and accurately identify the most pressing areas for employee training and development.

The Personal Snapshot provides insight into personal strengths (Positive Aspects) and areas for improvement (Safety Risks and Coaching Tips) based on the participant’s dimension results.

Safety Risks

Having an understanding of each employees strengths and weaknesses ensures that they are being put to good use in the company, and can be coached to become top performers. With a better understanding of their team, managers can become better leaders and great motivators.

For example, if you had a front-line worker who scored high in “distractibility”, the Coaching Tips will recommend you train them to break up their work into 30 minute chunks to ensure they stay focused. This coaching can occur during one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions between the worker and supervisor.

Coaching should take into account the individual differences of the employee in both the way coaching and communication is addressed as well as the content of each session. With a thorough understanding of the employee’s personality risk factors, a Supervisor can impact positive change in a worker’s behavior.

Personalization = Productivity

By building personalized coaching programs for your workers, they will feel as though you and the organization are invested in their success and their well-being. And as any manager knows, productivity means profits!

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