WPP Free Trial Registration Confirmation

WPP Free Trial Registration Confirmation

Your Free Trial of the WPP is Ready for Activation

An automated email has been sent to you* including the following:

  1. A Link to the WPP Assessment Page
  2. A Custom Group Code Needed to Activate Your Free Trial
  3. Detailed Contact Information for TalentClick Customer Care

TalentClick recommends assessing 2 or 3 of your top employees as well as some of those that are underperforming in order to get an accurate view of how the tool might work in your organization.

It's Easy to Administer

Follow these simple instructions to get started on assessing candidates for optimal job fit:

  1. Forward your link and group code to the employee(s) you would like to assess
  2. Have them click the link, input the Group Code along with their personal information, and complete the assessment
  3. Contact TalentClick to discuss your results*

To make sure you don' have to wait to try the WPP free, please book an appointment with our knowledgeable staff to find out your results.

Check Your Inbox

*To make sure the message does not end up in your junk folder, just add assessments@talentclick.com to your address book in your email program. If you don’t receive your email within 1 business day, contact TalentClick Customer Care at connect@talentclick.com and we will send you a copy of this message directly.