Human Error Causes 90% of Driving Incidents

The top 3 challenges we help transportation organizations solve:

  • Reducing turnover by predicting who is naturally suited to the job
  • Identifying the high-risk drivers most likely to be distracted, fatigued, and cause costly incidents on the road
  • Screening in more qualified drivers during a candidate shortage

As distracted driving and shortage of qualified drivers plague the industry, hiring and training the safest drivers helps reduce turnover and roadway incidents. Predict high-risk drivers and keep everyone safer on the road.

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How We Help: Predictive Analytics & Safety Self-Awareness Training

TalentClick’s Driver Safety Behavioural testing provides insight into a person’s default personality traits and how those traits impact their driving behavior. The Driver Safety Self-Awareness eLearning Course (DSSA) teaches drivers to understand the impact of their personality on their behavior and how to make safer decisions on the road. Download our Driver Safety Fact Sheet to learn more

“I have been waiting for a product like this my whole career”

– HR Risk Manager, Trucking Company – Read Full Customer Story

Predict High-Risk Drivers Before You Hire

  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Resistant had on average 53% more At-Fault Crashes
  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Distractible had on average 80% more Vehicle Damage
  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Impatient had on average a 39% higher Telematics Speeding Score

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TalentClick recommends the following solutions to assess your drivers: