Affordable Unlimited-Use Behavioral & Skills Assessment Subscriptions

It’s time to save you some money. Historically behavioral and skills assessments cost hundreds of dollars per person or more, which prevents most companies from conducting high-volume assessments. Some vendors also charge a fee per report, while we, like Netflix, bundle all our products for one low price. Our TalentClick unlimited-use behavioral assessment subscriptions are so affordable you can test as many job applicants and current employees as you want, and the price won’t change. Go ahead, test everyone.

  • Easy-to-use, world-class assessments at a more affordable price.
  • No need to count credits and wonder if you should–or shouldn’t–assess someone.
  • Get multiple reports on each person, without paying more.
  • Fixed monthly or annual fee means cost certainty for budgeting.
  • Test earlier in the screening process to reduce bias and make better decisions about whom to interview.
  • Our screening intelligence can often take the place of one or two recruiters.


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Free (1 account per company)


Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

  • One assessment link per organization for:
    • Link is active for 30 days
    • Up to 20 free uses
    • Upgrade at any time!
  • One page Employer Summary Report for:
    • Workstyle & Performance Profile (WPP)
    • Work Values & Attitude (WVA)
    • Safety / Driver Safety / Risk Taking (SQ)


  • Basic access to our cloud-based portal
  • Self-serve training resources

Most Popular!

Basic plus:


Attitude-Values-Personality (AVP)

Cognitive Quotient (CQ)

English Proficiency (EP)


Advanced access to our Cloud based portal includes:


Advanced features

Standard plus:


Leadership Profile (LP)

  • Conflict Management Style
  • Business Reasoning

Report Customization

Custom benchmarking of top performers

Job Analysis

Competency mapping

Additional professional consulting time


API for integration with your HRIS/ATS


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