As a sales manager, have you ever hired someone who you thought was going to be a great sales rep, only to find out that person isn’t hitting their outbound-calling metrics? It’s not that they can’t make cold calls; it’s that they won’t.

The reason is simple: a sales ‘hunter’ is quite different than a ‘farmer.’  Sales hunters are naturally hard wired to be more direct, aggressive, and achievement oriented, and they can handle rejection quite easily. On the other hand, sales ‘farmers’–who are excellent at account management–are more inclined to be social, empathetic, and collaborative, and when they get rejected, well…call reluctance starts to kick in.

There is no right or wrong personality; these are just very different profiles who fit with very different roles.

At TalentClick, we have a specialized assessment to help you know ahead of time what role the job applicant is best suited for. According to McKinsey & Co. research “top performers” can yield up to 67% more productivity, revenue, and profit than “average performers,” and nowhere is this more applicable than in Sales.

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