Download the SQ™ Sample Report

Download the SQ™ Sample Report

Get a Sneak Peak into the Safety Quotient™ (SQ™)

With a Sample Report from TalentClick

The Safety Quotient™ (SQ™) Personality Assessment is used by industrial employers to reduce risk of incidents on the job and behind the wheel. Your Sample Report will contain both the Employer and Participant reports referenced below. Results will vary based on the individual participant, but the sample report will give you a high level preview of what to expect when reading your own employees' SQ™ reports.

SQ Sample Report Feature Image

What’s in a Report?

There are two standard versions of the SQ™ report:

SQ Sample Report Cover - EmployerEmployer Report – For Hiring, Training, and Coaching
Used by employers to become more aware of the participant's personal safety risk factors in the workplace. The report provides safety risk results and provides training/coaching tips and interview questions tailored to the participant's risk profile.

Participant Report – For Self-Coaching

This report is for the participant to become more aware of his or her own personal safety risk factors on the job. The report gives self-management tips tailored to an individual's unique risk profile, along with a personal action plan for improvement.