Free Download: Adult Driver Safety Study

Free Download: Adult Driver Safety Study

Find Out How Personality Affects Driver Safety

We studied 339 adult drivers to identify which personality traits relate to driver safety and what we found might surprise you. While Distracted Driving is certainly a cause of crashes and traffic violations, drivers with high levels of "Rule-Resistance" and "Irritability" were significantly more likely to cause at-fault road safety incidents.

Results from the Study

High-Risk Drivers Text While Driving

  • Rule-Resistant Drivers were 362% more likely to receive traffic tickets
  • Irritable Drivers were 158% more likely to cause an at-fault accident
  • Distractible Drivers were 40% more likely to cause an at-fault accident

How to Use this Data

By understanding the personality characteristics of your drivers you are able to identify relevant, and therefore more effective, driver training courses and self-coaching activities designed to curb unsafe driving behaviors. Focusing investment in the highest risk areas will maximize the return on training investment while also working smarter to remove the driving habits and thought patterns that are most likely to lead to road safety accidents and short-term and long-term injuries.

More Drivers Than You Think

Irritable Drivers are Dangerous Too!

Keep in mind, anyone who drivers for work in your company is under your responsibility. Whether they were injured on the job or driving on their own on the weekend, you lose that person to short-term disability at best all the way to long-term disability. Either way you're back to filling a vital spot. So if you're a Fleet Manager, Dispatcher, and even a Territory Sales Manager, understanding your employees' high-risk driving habits can actually save you time, money and undue stress!