Safety Training through self-awareness

TalentClick brings you the only Safety Self-Awareness training program that adapts course content according to the unique personality of each participant and educates participants on how personality contributes to safety risks in the workplace. This is not a traditional technical safety course, but rather a safety awareness course for organizations looking to reduce risk and create a culture of safety excellence. Each participant’s Safety Quotient (SQ) personality assessment results are used to create a personalized, interactive course that can be delivered in-person, online or as Train the Trainer.

Level 1 – For Front-Line Employees

This employee safety training session provides a practical method for reducing preventable incidents by first understanding what causes human error. Included in course materials is the popular SafeSELF Action Plan.

Level 2 – For Supervisors

This employee safety training session helps leaders understand how personality contributes to preventable incidents. Participants will learn how to spot high-risk individuals and ways to train and manage those employees.
In a fun and non-threatening way, participants learn about their own unique “hard wiring” and “default settings” (eg. distractible, impulsive, rule-resistant, impatient, etc.) which lead to typical impulses and actions. Participants gain more self-awareness around their own personal safety strength and risk areas and continuously learn how to manage and develop their behaviors on an ongoing basis.

  • Studies show that up to 90% of workplace incidents are caused by human error, and progressive organizations are now looking at the human factor in the safety equation. Measure, evaluate and observe changes and improvements in your workplace’s safety culture and incident rates through self-awareness in safety settings.
  • Cultivate a workplace in which everyone is responsible, accountable and proactive about managing their own safety risks and those of their peers.
  • Demonstrate the organization is progressive and caring by offering new and innovative training that applies not only to the workplace but to life in general.
  • Proven results have shown to reduce incidents up to 75% within 6 months of training.


At the end of the session, course participants will be able to:

  • Understand how personality contributes to workplace incidents and injuries.
  • Identify the leading indicators of personality risk tolerance:
    • Resistant vs. Accommodating
    • Anxious vs. Calm
    • Impatient vs. Even Tempered
    • Distractible vs. Focused
    • Impulsive vs. Cautious
    • Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive
  • Build their own Safety Self-Awareness
  • Identify personality risk areas in others
  • Know how to adapt their own leadership communication style to each employee and effect behavioral change in the workplace.

After successfully completing the course, each participant receives a Certificate of Completion, a personalized Safety Profile, and a SafeSelf Action Plan to help identify risk areas for ongoing development.

Looking for ongoing reinforcement? Try our 12-month program

The 12-month Safety Self-Awareness Program is offered in 5 steps:

  • Safety Perception Survey
    • Enterprise-wide safety perception survey, 5 minutes online
    • Gap analysis, baseline metrics, recommendations
  • Safety Quotient (SQ) Assessment
    • 10-15 minute online assessment to measure “personality risk” default settings
    • Participant report contains a self-guided workbook called the Safe SelfAction Plan
  • Safety Self-Awareness Training
    • For Leaders: Managing Safety Self-Awareness
    • For Employees: Building Safety Self-Awareness
  • Online eLearning Course
    • Safety Self-Awareness course, 30-40 minutes online
    • Course content is tailored to each person’s unique SQ results
  • Virtual eCoaching
    • Weekly “micro coaching moments”, tips and resources delivered via email

    The program can also include ongoing follow-ups, data collection, group reports and custom improvement plans by department, group, site, etc.


“TalentClick has been opening our workforce’s eyes to better understanding the prevention of workplace incidents. The information not only has helped us in reducing injuries but also environmental spills, product losses and quality issues. Their training solutions offer in-depth insight in how individual “at risks” behaviors are a leading indicator to adverse events. They provided a fun and engaging training experience that resulted in a visible improvement of safety behavior in our workforce!” – HSE Manager

“Over the past two years we have seen an increase in productivity by 70% and a decrease in injuries by 90%, which were achieved through our corporate safety initiatives and Safety Quotient workshop training.”
– Health & Safety Manager for a National Transportation Organization