Free Report: How Personality and Safety Relate

Free Report: How Personality and Safety Relate

Wonder Why Certain People Continually Cause Incidents?

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Learn why certain members of your workforce are pre-programmed to cause incidents and injury in this free report. Time and time again, our clients witness the same groups of workers acting unsafe and irresponsible on the job site or behind the wheel. Greg Ford, TalentClick's Co-Founder, explores the link between personality and safety and how they relate to incident prevention on the job.

Because of Human Error

For added insight, the report highlights how specific individuals effectively caused disastrous incidents whose consequences ended up as front page news around the world.

Stories include:

  • What Caused Chernobyl
  • Tragedy on Continental Airlines
  • California Train Crash

No Obligation

This whitepaper is a learning tool offered free of charge by TalentClick, with no obligation to make a future purchase. We invite you to contact us if you would like to explore workplace safety further at a time convenient to you.