With lawmakers scrambling to keep drivers safer on the road with laws and enforcement, Driver Safety Quotient™ helps commercial fleets develop safer drivers. This online employee safety assessment provides employers and their drivers valuable insight into their natural driving styles along with recommendations for developing safer habits while driving.

The DSQ measures 6 Personality Dimensions that have been linked to unsafe behaviors which can lead to incidents and injuries on the road and in the workplace:

  • Resistant vs. Compliant
  • Anxious vs. Calm
  • Impatient vs. Patient
  • Distractible vs. Focused
  • Impulsive vs. Cautious
  • Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive


Our research has shown that:

  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Resistant had on average 53% more At-Fault Crashes
  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Distractible had on average 80% more Vehicle Damage
  • Drivers and Operators who are highly Impatient had on average a 39% higher Telematics Speeding Score


“We have been using TalentClick’s solutions for over three years, and we are very happy with the results. The assessments are an integral part of our hiring process, and so far we have evaluated over 6,000 potential new hires.

Results from the assessments are very insightful and have cut down on the time we spend screening new applicants on the phone or in person. Over the past three years, using TalentClick’s solutions as part of our screening toolbox, our full-time employee turnover rate has dropped by 20%, and our success rate in hiring ‘high’ performers has increased by 25%.

We are very pleased and would recommend TalentClick assessments to organizations looking to reduce time and costs in the hiring process. ”

– Dan Finley, VP HR, Pacific Western Transportation


Employees take a 10-15 minute online personality assessment, available in over 10 languages. Once completed TalentClick will automatically generate two reports:

  • Employer Report: Provides suggested interview questions and personalized coaching recommendations
  • Participant Report: Provides self-coaching and self-study strategies to build Safety Self-Awareness


DSQ Participant Sample Report

DSQ Employer Sample Report

DSQ Quick Reference Guide


Download: Driver Study 1

We assessed drivers for at-risk personality traits. Download our study and find out how to identify unsafe behavior in your drivers.


A quick way to reduce the number of traffic tickets your drivers receive is to coach for Resistance. In an independent study, Rule-Resistant drivers received nearly 5x more traffic tickets than other drivers. In addition, they were 2.3x more likely to cause accidents on the road.

Find out which of your drivers is Rule-Resistant by assessing five of your drivers free with Driver Safety Quotient™.