What is a Fit Score?

What is a Fit Score?

TalenClick’s Fit Score calculates how a given participant (candidate or employee) scores in relation to the “ideal profile” for a given role. The Fit Score is categorized and color-coded to help with ease of interpretation and use during the hiring process. Typically, 76-100 indicates a good fit to the role (green), 25-75 indicates a possible fit (yellow), and 1-24 indicates a low fit (red). 

The Fit Score can be calculated for any product that has benchmarks (i.e., WPP, WVA, SQ, DSQ, CQ, EP, BR) and can also be a composite across products (i.e., AVP or AVP + CQ etc.). You can add up to 4 Fit Scores per report, which is helpful if you have candidates who you may be considering for more than one role or future succession planning. The Fit Score can be used in the Report Builder function as well the Fit Score sorter in the TalentClick portal.

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